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steel grit research and development applications

steel grit research and development applications
May result in a lighter spacecraft and smarter cars of the study, researchers have developed a computer chip can be used to manufacture high-quality technology, manufactured by such technology than the current silicon computer chips chips better able to withstand the harsh conditions.

Use coarse metal devices manufactured without requiring additional cooling and protection mechanisms, and these mechanisms will increase in power systems, jet engines, rockets, radio transmitters and other exposed equipment in harsh environments in conventional silicon circuit size, weight and cost.

According to the "Nature" magazine published research findings Japanese researchers said, because this material ━ ━ steel grit production process has been greatly improved, product defects have been very small, so you can use it to produce more reliable and sophisticated electronic products.

French National Technical University physics professor Roland said, in fact, the finding of steel grit paves the way for commercial applications, this problem has been plagued for decades researchers. He said that these results are sensational, this is a major innovation, at least, steel grit became a silicon "Semiconductor king" a strong contender for the crown.

According to Toyota Center R & D lab, said spokesman Masato Kimura, represented by Daisuke Nakamura researchers said it needs at least six years, the technology to be able to put into practical use.

Silicon there is a problem that when exposed to heat or radiation environment, reliability and efficiency will be reduced. steel grit is a similar semiconductor material with silicon, but close to the hardness of the diamond. However, these features facilitate its difficult to be used in electronic products, because it does not become a liquid state at high temperatures, so as not to produce as silicon chips without defects.

Japanese researchers found that by using a multi-step process, they are able to produce steel grit wafers in the manufacturing process of crystal growth in stages. In this way, defects can be reduced to a minimum.

Researchers were able to produce a 3-inch wafers, but to make steel grit to catch up with the level of silicon, researchers have a lot of work to be done: the chip industry is already in use in the production of 12-inch wafer chips up.

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