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The main purpose of steel grit

The main purpose of steel grit
steel grit: SiO2 ≥ 99-99.5% Fe2O3 ≤ 0.02-0.015%, selected high-quality ore complex processing. With 5-480 mesh size range, according to user requirements, the appearance of a white or crystalline. Main purpose: High quality glass, glass, refractories, smelting stone, precision casting, grinding wheel and other materials.

Emery purposes:

(1) High-purity single crystals, can be used for manufacturing a semiconductor, manufacturing a silicon carbide fiber

(2) as an abrasive, can be used for abrasives, such as grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding, sand tile etc..

(3) as a deoxidizer and high temperature metallurgical materials.

Silicon carbide has four major application areas, namely: functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. Currently a large number of silicon carbide coarse material has been able to supply, can not be considered high-tech products, and high-tech application of nanoscale silicon carbide powder is impossible to form a short time scale economies.

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