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wear resistance steel grit gl 25
1)Bearing steel grit G25,
2)size 1.0mm
3) ISO9001 ,
4)used for Granite cutting
5) Price 830USD-860USD FOB QINGDAO
Product Steel Grit
Place of Origin China
Material Steel Grit
Hardness GP: 42~52HRC GL: 53~60HRC GH: 60~64HRC
Hardness Deviation Max Deviation ±3.0HRC,±40HV
Shape angular
Microstructure TEven tempered martensite and dispersed carbon
Density ≥7.6g/cm³
Size 0.3mm~2.8mm
Type Stainless steel shot,Cast Steel Shot,Steel Shot,Steel Wire Shot,etc.
Durability ≥3000 times
Model No. G10 G12 G14 G16 G18 G25 G40 G50 G80 G120
Application a) Blast cleaning
b) Rust removal
c) Shot peening
d) Sand blasting
Quality Standard SAE, ISO9001

1.Stone cutting, grinding, pretreatment of rubber adhesive, steel plate,container,
pretreatment of hull steel, spray-washing of medium and small-sized cast-steel, cast iron,and forgings, etc.
2.the cast steel grit is used for blast cleaning of shot blasting machine, steel pre-treatment, steel structure.
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